Most Canadians only get  half of the recommended fibre per day.** ,<br/> [Half filled people]14 go    16 g    19 g <br/>Average Intake<br/> [Full people] 25 go    25 g    38 g <br/> "
+"Recommended Intake<br/> [Piggy bank]<br/> If Candian adults increased their cereal fibre intake by just 1 gram per day we could save up to $143.2 MILLION in annual healthcare costs related to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. † <br/> "
+"[Dietary tract] But what is fibre? Fibre is the part of plant foods that your body can’t digest.<br/> [Robot in a glass of water] Fibre is either soluble or insoluble. <br/>All fibrecan help you feel full [Scale] And help you <br/> "
+"maintain a healthy body weight <br/>[Chalice] Wheat bran fibre is the  gold standard for promoting regularity [Hand holding wheat sheaf] One of the main types of fibre is cereal fibre. Sound familiar?  The outer husk, of the grain is also known as bran. <br/>"
+"[Slice of whole wheat toast] Slice whole wheat toast 2 g [Banana] One banana2 g [Measuring cup with All-Bran] ½ Cup‡ All-Bran Original* cereal 12 g<br/>[Spoon with All-Bran]"
+"1/3 Cup§ All-Bran Buds* cereal 11 g<br/> [Strawberries] 1 Cup strawberries  4 g<br/>[Eggs and bacon] Eggs and bacon 0 g [Heart] Psyllium fibre helps lower cholesterol a risk factor for heart disease††<br/>[Cereal being poured into bowl]"
+"All-Bran* is the most recommended cereal brand by Canadian dietitians‡‡ [#1 ribbon]<br/>Extra Tips[Wheat sheaf] Eat a variety of fibre-containing foods throughout the day.[Knife and fork] Slowly start adding fibre to your diet, then eat a bit more fibre every day. This will help your body adjust."
+"[Water glass and jug] Fibre needs water to work effectively. Try to get at least 9 cups of fluids everyday.